GIOCONDA in Ferrara


November 27, Ferrara – The theatre laboratory of GIOCONDA has arrived at Alessandro Manzoni Primary School in Ferrara. 40 children written a screenplay about Jack’s character, a ten-year-old boy from Canada who is in the middle of city traffic at a bus stop that does not arrive. Hence the encounter with a teacher, a pediatrician, an environmental technician, and the mayor of the city, who discuss the issues and solutions to inhabit a less polluted and healthier city.

At the end of the stage, the most effective advice that pupils from 4A and 4B propose to the directors of their city were voted. Based on the work done in class, challenging the intense postal traffic caused by the Christmas wishes and requests, they wrote an alternative letter to Santa Claus. They sent it to the Mayor to make their voices heard about the environment and health.

We recommend to the Major to support these our ideas:

Use very few spray cans to prevent the ozone hole, and if you do not want to think about things of the world’s impact, can you think of our city, we can shed a few bags, do not throw the dirt on the street and make recycling

Better going by bike and on foot

Use gasoline vehicles as little as possible

Change pollutant transport vehicles with less polluting vehicles, such as electric cars

Use more public transport, build more bus stops

Produce less bulky machines

Do not waste energy

Lower heating

Use less pellet and wood stoves

Use household appliances as little as possible: use less refrigerators and air conditioners

Do not smoke anymore

Create more green areas

Do not deforest

Decrease the construction of factories

The Mayor should tell the city that people should not pollute the environment with cigarettes, vehicles, paper, and other environmental polluting junk.

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