Workshop – Indoor atmospheric pollution and health in Italian schools

petronioOn February 23, 2015 the Ministry of Health and the ISS organized the Workshop “Indoor atmospheric pollution and health in Italian schools“. During the day, the main European research projects on indoor pollution in schools were presented, to improve knowledge on this subject and to promote the reduction of cases of respiratory diseases and childhood asthma in Europe. At the end of the presentations, a round table was attended by various representatives of the institutions including ISPRA, the Ministries of Environment and Health, the University of Rome and the ASL of Empoli. There was also a representative of Federasma.

Dr. Petronio of ASL 11, was invited to participate just because of the experience gained in ASL 11 on the possible “remedies” to indoor pollution. In particular, the proposed pilot experiences have been those of the regulation for bio-eco-sustainable building, whose application would lead to the elimination of the main sources of indoor pollution, and the GIOCONDA project which will provide an instrument to encourage the participation of young people In decisions relating to the environment and school in particular.

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