The GIOCONDA Challenge booklet tell the relationship between health and the local environment

gioconda_quaderni_delle_sfideRight to be fine, to non-discrimination, to life and development, listening to the views of the child, to health. These are the principles from which GIOCONDA took and takes inspiration every day.

Find what they mean by the UN Convention on the Rights of Children and Young People on page 5 of GIOCONDA Challenge Booklet.

The Booklet is a tool dedicated to students, teachers and parents to address the link between the environment and health, understand what it means to know their territory under this profile, with written texts, maps, and display of significant data.

In addition, the Booklet provides a process that leads us to reflect and put black on white what its readers would like to do to improve the territory and health of citizens.

The booklet contains information on:

  • What are the rights of the youngest citizens
  • Why a healthy environment is important especially for them
  • What are the tools that municipalities have to discuss the subject and act practical action.
  • What do natural sciences, sociology, epidemiology and statistics do to address environmental and health issues
  • What happens in the territory in terms of soil occupation, and air, water, noise and odour pollution.

In April and May, the Booklets were presented by educators in the classes of Ravenna, San Miniato and Naples as the basis for the work of more than three hundred girls and boys.

Starting the next school year ALL ITALIAN SCHOOLS will be able to download a booklet web, customize it for the school where they are and on the issues of the environment and health they want to deal with: do not forget to visit the GIOCONDA website for updates!

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