Dear decision makers in Naples, we recommend you to…

On October 30th, City of Science, Smart Education & Technology Days – 3 Days for the School, a national event in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, University and Research entirely devoted to the school, its knowledge and its challenges.

Right here, girls and boys from the Umberto I (upper secondary school) and Bovio Colletta (1st secondary school) schools, in the light of the results of air and noise monitoring in schools, met Annamaria Palmieri, the Councilor for School and Education, Pio Russo Krauss, Head of Health Education ASL Napoli 1 Centro and Roberta Partenope, Councilor for Youth.

From the point of view of young people living in two very different areas of the city and attending schools, far away not only for urban location but also for the socio-economic status of the families, the wires of the recommendations that have been presented are: the need to carry out effective civic education activities, to focus on improving the viability, enhancing the sea and the green areas already present in the city.

The youngest from the Bovio Colletta, located near one of the main arteries of the city and therefore particularly susceptible to noise and smog, have identified three areas of intervention for decision-makers in their neighborhood and the whole city:

  1. ROADS”: repair roads for disabled people as well, more baskets, even for cigarette butts, check the cars because they are often not revised
  2. “GREEN CITY”: re-qualify some urban spaces (often abandoned and wasteful) spaces and transform them into small green areas, more cycle lanes and, WHAT’S BEAUTIFUL, ENHANCE OUR BEACHES AND OUR SEA
  3. “CIVIC EDUCATION”: more education and awareness on civic education and environmental protection (school education on recycling, respect for the environment and animals), more space for young people, where to spend their free time after school.

Here you can listen to Cinzia’s interview, Bovio Colletta’s student, who sums it up.

The greatest of Liceo Umberto I have done careful insights of environmental data and perception of the risk offered by GIOCONDA, reiterating that Naples is the first city in Italy for noise pollution and the third in the world (after New York and Los Angeles, Gfk Eurisko survey 2015).

This is combined with a frequent overrun of air pollution limits, mainly due to the traffic circulating in the city.

One of the most interesting interventions recommended to their decision-makers is focusing on the enhancement and maintenance of green areas, which at the moment does not favor the attenuation of environmental imbalances in the contemporary city.

On the other hand, there are not just the administrators having to act for a healthier environment, the high school students remind us: “It is often said that we young people are tomorrow’s citizens, when we are actually today and we still today we have to do what we can to improve the place we live in. ”

Here are some of the interventions of the boys and girls of Liceo Umberto.


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