Second press conference. The voices of GIOCONDA from Taranto

On the occasion of the presentation of recommendations on the environment and health in Taranto, next Friday, February 12th, the second press conference of the GIOCONDA project will be held. An opportunity to make a point on what has been done so far to reach the ambitious goals of the project: to create an effective dialogue to make the voice of the young citizens of Ravenna, San Miniato, Naples and Taranto itself heard on issues of health and environment that characterize the different territories.

During the conference, hosted in one of the project schools- the Pacinotti Technical Institute, the results of air and noise monitoring conducted during the 2014/15 school year and those of the perception of environmental risk related to young people’s health will be presented.

There will be a summary of the recommendations that were presented to the local administrators by children and girls in dedicated events in different cities and the commitments that the decision makers intervened in these events stated they intended to take, bringing GIOCONDA to the places of territory planning, will be remembered.



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