Global noise score indicator for classroom evaluation of acoustic performances in LIFE GIOCONDA project

I risultati del progetto GIOCONDA sono stati presentati in un articolo scientifico pubblicato sulla rivista Noise Mapping.

Abstract: The LIFE GIOCONDA is an ongoing project that aims to provide an innovative methodology to the authorities for supporting the environment & health policies by involving the young people in the decision-making processes. The project suggests a web platform able to relate
air and noise pollution data in the schools with the students’ pollution awareness. GIOCONDA aims to enhance 10 the awareness of students, teachers and local administrations on the noise issues in schools, presenting suitable tools to improve the public participative processes.
This paper presents a new method that has been developed within the Project. It aims to evaluate the acoustic 15 performances of a classroom and to suggest the use of a global indicator based on a group of acoustic parameters compared with their limit values. Whit the new method the comparison between different classrooms or different schools becomes possible, together with a homogeneous
20 evaluation of the priority for planning noisemitigation actions.
Several noise measurement campaigns have been performed to characterize the students’ exposure in eight Italian schools. The results are useful to describe the acoustic performances of classrooms.

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