Dear decision makers in Ravenna, we recommend you to…

170 girls and boys aged from 12 to 17, from of the schools E. Mattei in Marina di Ravenna and Liceo Oriani in Ravenna, 13 of their teachers, 12 GIOCONDA team experts worked all together in a participatory event in Artificerie Almagià, on October 27, 2015. During this exciting group work, organized through a mixed technique (Open Space Technology, Metaplan and World Café).

Three main themes emerged to define recommendations for healthier living in a non-polluted environment. The first concerns issues of participation and environmental communication. The second concerns the theme of environment and health from the measured data. The third is urban mobility.

These recommendations were submitted at Pala de Andrè on December 5th, to the authorities of Ravenna  Municipality: ARPA, CEAS – Environment and Sustainability Education Center, Department of the Environment, Department of Public Health, Office of Sustainable Mobility, Legambiente, School Leaders and the GIOCONDA Coordinators from IFC-CNR.

The contents were processed in a document that has formally entered the planning of the Municipality’s activities in the framework of the Urban Mobility Sustainability Plan document.

A great result from the young citizens of the local schools!!

Here you can download the Participatory proposal document that contains all the work done by students and will be presented on March 17th, during a workshop devoted by the Municipality to the health effects of vehicular traffic.

One the slogans created to synthesize the ideas and suggestions you find in the document, let’s launch this: DEAR DECISION MAKERS IN RAVENNA, DO NOT HIDE US ANYTHING.

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