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i GIOvani COntano Nelle Decisioni
Ambiente e Salute

Young citizens count in the decisions on environment and health

Learn more about the GIOCONDA platform

GIOCONDA is a project that helps young people becoming protagonists in democratic action, building a dialogue on environment and health between schools and local authorities

The project

GIOCONDA’s cities



Calcinaia (PI)

Gioia del Colle (BA)




San Miniato (PI)



When young citizens produce recommendations for the administrators, they start putting themselves in their shoes and they understand the importance of taking part in public affairs.

Teacher, 2016
The students give suggestions that should not fall on deaf ears. Administrators must give concrete answers, specifying what can be done.
Educator, 2016
When I listened to the students’ recommendations, I understood that we have to improve our communication. Several things that have been recommended are already done but they are not known, so we need to develop a different strategy.
Administrator, 2016

If you would like to know more about the GIOCONDA project, please contact us at infoATgioconda.ifc.cnr.it

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