GIOCONDA at the Science&Society School held in Ischia


GIOCONDA participated to the Science and Society School, edition 2016, “Nature and culture in small islands“, held in Ischia on 18th and 19th March.

A stimulating set of presentations examined a number of close and far islands, under the lenses of culture, literature, mythology and story of the territory. Biodiversity, evolution, observation of migratory birds and geological events find their unique dimension and value in an island.

GIOCONDA proposed its methodology for discussion and sharing, with “GIOCONDA: participated knowledge”.

On the morning of the second day, four groups of students discussed and elaborated and advanced their proposals.

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Literature and mythology provided inspiration to reflect on their identity and the strength that comes from the knowledge of the past. Marine biodiversity, the richness of flora and fauna around Ischia gave the concrete opportunity to understand how it is possible to contribute to the protection and enhancement of an ecosystem under the continuous pressure of human activities.

Ischia is also a resting place for migratory birds, and home to peculiar phenomena of evolution and differentiation: the students propose to be part of the observation and study network in this area of ​​the Mediterranean. Finally, they reflected on how is possible to create a shared knowledge based on false data, as happened with the definition “Ustica disaster” for the overthrow of the Itavia plane in June 1980, at a point of the Tyrrhenian between Ponza and Ustica; in this case the students noticed the importance of a careful documentation of facts, the need to share knowledge but to always deepen them, as protagonists of information. As a conclusion, several proposals and ideas elaborating the scientific knowledge emerged, to be taken at school and outside.

GIOCONDA confirmed that dialogue and participation are productive and satisfactory to look for solutions that go towards the sustainability of the environment and the harmonious growth of the society.

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