Where are the proposals of girls and boys ending?

To give concreteness to the proposals of GIOCONDA boys and girls. This goal is being achieved in Ravenna, where in recent months the project “A tua misuRA” is underway, a participatory process supported by the Law on Participation of the Emilia-Romagna Region to define, together with the citizens, the new Sustainable Mobility Plan (PUMS).

GIOCONDAr project officially entered the process last March 17, when the representatives of the two schools involved, Mattei of Marina di Ravenna and Liceo Scientifico A. Oriani, delivered the Participatory proposal document, the final product of GIOCONDA in Ravenna, to the representative of the Municipal Council Guido Guerrieri. The document contains recommendations that students have elaborated after studying, reflecting and discussing air and acoustic pollution data in their schools and neighbourhoods.

On that occasion, also Luana Gasparini of the Sustainability Education Centre, Patrizia Lucialli of Ravenna section ARPAE and Giuliano Silvi of the Department of Public Health spoke about GIOCONDA.

We asked Nicola Scanferla, City Mobility Manager, responsible di A tua misuRA, the meaning of this delivery by the boys and girls: “It means that the ideas and recommendations of boys and girls are entering the planning of the city for the coming years, in a formal way, with a real relapse of content emerged in technical design. I am referring to the PUMS, the traffic plan and the three-year planning of public works, all instruments connected to each other to improve mobility, reduce emissions, and thus air and noise pollution.”

This GIOCONDA relapse on the territory demonstrates the ability of the project to produce an effective dialogue. “When we started A tua misuRA, we wondered what were the actors to be involved and the topics to be addressed. The GIOCONDA project provided a point of view, that of slot 11-17, crucial to talk about the near future and key topics such as the impact of traffic pollutants relying on the data. ”

In the coming months, demands such as the creation of protected areas around schools, the increase in pedestrian areas and cycle lanes to connect the center to the periphery and the surrounding territory will be passed to a new administration. It will be up to the new elected members to take charge of their young citizens requests. Certainly GIOCONDA is officially entered technical planning.

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