GIOCONDA at the Milan’s Festival of Human Rights 2018

The Milan’s Festival of Human Rights 2018, dedicated to the Earth, “One. For everyone. Not for a few “, is organised from 20 to 24 March.

The Festival wants to spread both knowledge and a culture of human rights. It uses various forms of expression to reach out to different audiences, such as films, documentaries, debates, expert testimonies, music and graphics. The formats planned for the six days of events have been studied to achieve the best possible interaction with students from middle schools, high schools and universities.


Two GIOCONDA Schools were connected via Skype during the debates.


The second day, 21 March, held a morning of debates for the students. The Allievi Technical Institute of Terni participated. The students are working using the GIOCONDA instruments on air pollution and participating to the city planning, and spoke about their proposals and activities.     min. 43

The fourth day, 23 March, debated about extreme climate phenomena, which destroy fragile economies and societies. Therefore, rebalancing the climate means also acting on human rights. Rediscovering ancient knowledge helps to prevent millions of people fleeing to the metropolis.

During the debate, three students from the Ferrara Copernico Carpeggiani Technical Institute presented their work with GIOCONDA on energy use and proposal to reduce consumptions    min 50


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