Terni: GIOCONDA results during the school year 2017-2018

The Municipality of Terni has enthusiastically joined Gioconda, involving the Sangallo Allievi Technical Institute and the Leonardo da Vinci / Nucula secondary school. In February 2018 the Sustainability Plan of the Municipality of Terni was presented, which deals with many environmental issues that have an impact on health. It is about mobility, waste, water pollution, soil, noise, public greenery: all boxes of a complex and integrated puzzle that can enhance the city liveability and the participation of the community. During the school year, the students learned the most critical issues in their area, compiled a questionnaire on their perception of risk. On the basis of the scientific knowledge acquired, meeting the experts of the Umbria Agency for the Environmen, of the Local Health Agency, officials of the Terni Municipality, volunteers of the Civil Service and managers of Gioconda, the students have elaborated their recommendations on environment and health and about the city they want to help create.

GIOCONDA results were presented during a final event, that took place on Tuesday 5 June 2018 from 9 am to 12.15 pm at the Conference room of the Technical Institute Allievi Sangallo in Terni. 150 students from the two schools involved participated.

The Leonardo da Vinci / Nucula school brought classes 2aB, 2aH, 2aAIF and 3aC, which animated the morning with their presentations, in the form of films, presentations, poems, drawings, interviews and statistical surveys carried out by the students themselves. During the year, the students of the Sangallo Allievi Technical School operated in the school-work alternation at ARPA Umbria, and participated in the live link with the 2018 Human Rights Festival, dedicated to the Earth “One for everyone, not for a few “, which took place in Milan from 20 to 24 March.

The material, rich and full of inspiration, has been commented by the authorities and will be brought as a heritage of ideas and involvement in the development of policies for the city of Terni in the near future. Marco Fattore, Director of the Urban Quality and Landscape Quality Department of the Municipality of Terni, was the animator and promoter of the GIOCONDA project from the beginning, and expressed all his satisfaction and joy for such a positive and passionate response by students.

GIOCONDA, Young citizens count in the decisions on environment and health, coordinated by the Institute of Clinical Physiology of the National Research Council, IFC-CNR of Pisa, is a project co-funded by the Environment Commission of the European Union (from June 2014 to November 2016) , which produced a web platform, on which administrators and schools of the Italian territory can dialogue.

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