The wood back to life! On 26 may reopens the park of Montecchio

Saturday 26 May from 10.00 a.m. the Montecchio Wood, in Calcinaia (Pisa), was opened again to the citizenship, and the students from ML King School presented the results of the GIOCONDA Project, conceived by the CNR (Institute of Clinical Physiology ) and carried out in collaboration with the Municipality of Calcinaia.

Several parents, professors, the Major Lucia Ciampi, the Education Councilor Maria Ceccarelli and the Environment Councilor Cristiano Alderigi, Dr. Serena Biasci, official of the City of Calcinaia, attended the event.

The students illustrated several posters that synthetized the activities: the mental maps of risk, the trees of problems and opportunities, the information gathered on GIOCONDA platform, the questionnaires on risk perception and the comparison with the available environmental data.

The local themes to address were discussed during several meetings with municipal officials, who brought to the attention of the boys the reorganization, cleaning and management of the Montecchio Wood, a green area much loved by citizens.

The posters illustrated various moments of the meetings, the information found on the GIOCONDA platform, the drawings developed by students to show their proposals and slogans that invite all citizens to protect the forest and behave virtuously.

Girls and boys have built an interactive map of the Montecchio Wood, on which the needs for the different areas are specified:

  • recycling bins
  • signs with slogans to make citizens aware of the environment
  • wi-fi to study in the woods
  • parking for bikes
  • biking route to reach the wood
  • area with gym equipment
  • bathrooms
  • first aid kit
  • fountain for water
  • semi-circular benches to promote socialization
  • picnic-style tables to eat or study


GIOCONDA has carried out various activities in Calcinaia, in close collaboration with the Municipality and the ML King School, thanks to the enthusiastic welcome of Daniela Angelini and Daniela Pieraccini, Professors of Science and Technology, of Maria Ceccarelli Education Councilor, the former executive Prof. Luca Pierini and the commitment of Dr. Serena Biasci, municipal official.

Fabrizio Minichilli, Liliana Cori and Bibiana Losapio took turns in class work proposing the GIOCONDA methodology. A path in which students have known better the territory in which they live, have come into contact with the administrations that manage it, have reflected, produced their own knowledge and processing on the environment and health and on the perception of risk. Finally, the students brought their recommendations and proposals to the administrators to increase the collective well-being through the improvement of the environments in which they live.

The GIOCONDA online platform is a tool to help administrations make informed decisions on health and the environment, taking into account the opinions and needs of young people.

Click here to read more information on the Calcinaia Municipality website

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